History-top1.jpgTwenty members of the Shinonome Golf Club, which was located near the Tokyo bay in 1950"s, established Ranzan Country Club in 1962. The founding board members were low-handicap hold amateur golfers seeking to build their ideal private golf club. The spirit of these pioneers is still embedded in club members. We intend to make further strides toward this ideal.

history-top2(course).jpgThe club has a 18-hole golf course designed by Yuji Kodera. He is an architect of seven golf course including Karuizawa Golf Club and Sagamihara Golf Club. The club has hosted national open golf tournaments including the Japan Open in 1984, and the Japan Senior Open in 2006.

history-top3(house).jpgOur clubhouse was designed by Taro Amano and built at the end of 1961. Taro Amano had studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect famous for his design of the former building of Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. The clubhouse has endeared itself to club members.